Top 5 organic fairtrade coffee producers in South America

As mentioned by the Journal de Montréal this past October, close to two out of three Canadians drink coffee. A considerable statistic with little surprise as we can observe business men and women flood the streets of every major Canadian city every morning with coffee in their hands.

However, consumption changes and morals evolve when we see coffee giants turn into espresso producers, while this product used to be put aside in Canada. It’s the same thing when it comes to organic fair trade coffee that see their proportions increase across the world. Most of them are concentrated in South America whose coffee constitutes a real reference in the global market. Between 50% and 75% of organic fair trade coffee is located in this part of the world. Discover our top 5 producer countries proposing products from organic farming:

Coffee Plantation - South America

Peru: $100 million in sales

At the classic market level, Peru is one of the most important countries in the world. The organic coffee is cultivated in high altitude, between 1 000 and 1 800 meters. It is the tenth largest producer. Concerning organic coffee, Peru is on the podium, perhaps even in 1st place in the market thanks to its $100 million in sales.


Mexico: A great reputation

Grains cultivated in Mexico typically have a lighter body and are known for their very high quality. The reputation of organic grains follows the same principle. Mexico is today ranked in 7th place throughout the world, with a large share of the organic grain market.


Brazil: N°1 exporter of green grains

Brazil is one the strongest in the coffee market; they produce close to a third of the global production (principally Arabica). Easy to prove, as investors and roasters from around the world base themselves on the value of Brazilian coffee in order to make up a price for the world market. First producer of green grains, the Brazilian coffee grains are present in approximately 90% of espresso mixes around the world. Europeans, Canadians or Japanese, numerous people are seduced by these refined products from organic farming


Honduras: Largest increase since 2010

Becoming indispensable to Honduras’ economy, coffee is the principle agricultural export of Honduras, where it allows many families to live. It has also played a major role in the countries history. Exportation enjoyed an exceptional leap between 2010 and 2012 where revenues linked to coffee increased 100%, even appearing in the top 5 organic fair trade coffee in South America. On its way, Honduras coffee grains are also the best seller from Café Liégeois productions.


Bolivia: Small producer, but an organic supporter

Bolivia is a small producer of coffee on the world scale, placing them far behind big producers such as Colombia and Brazil. However, it disposes of tremendous potential for organic coffee thanks to the climate in certain regions, especially the Yungas (Amazonian foothills). Coffee cooperatives manage over 70% of the national production, nearly half of which is in the organic fair-trade market.


Take advantage of this to discover our Café Liégeois selection, from Mexico or even from Bolivia, with whom we work closely.

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