Our range of Nespresso® Compatible Capsules was selected on the basis of two essential elements: Creating the most exceptional coffee combination all while providing you with the best compatibility with the Nespresso® system.




A slow and consistent roasting evokes the strong character of our PUISSANT blend. With a surge of intensity, its flavor and strength will carry you on a wave of intense pleasure. The PUISSANT blend is sourced from coffee beans located in the region of Sumatra (Indonesia).



Flavor scale:

Échelle de saveurs - PUISSANT®The expert word:

In terms of flavor, the PUISSANT blend is very similar to Nespresso’s ristretto blend. It is a product which is rich in flavor and strong upon consumption and, certainly, does not neglect the well-roundedness of a premium quality espresso.




“Momento Italiano,” as they say. Noble, proud and spicy, MAGNIFICO is a coffee blend that affirms its personality as much as it proclaims your own unique character. MAGNIFICO, the most Italian of coffee blends at Cafe Liegeois, provides a refined flavor for all coffee connoisseurs. The MAGNIFICO blend originates in Colombia.



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Échelle de saveurs - MAGNIFICO®The expert word:

The MAGNIFICO blend resembles the ROMA coffee range from Nespresso. A little less intense than the POWERFUL blend, MAGNIFICO exudes a special character with a mild and pleasant bitterness to taste.




Soft and satiny, this precious moments coffee can be appreciated via the well-roundedness of its aromas, the subtlety of its blends and, its perfect taste. Le SUBTIL comes from Ethiopia.



Flavor scale:

Échelle de saveurs - SUBTIL®The expert word:

The SUBTIL is the lowest intensity coffee blend of the entire range. Having a low acidity, the SUBTIL provides rich espresso flavor characteristics which are pleasant and creamy upon consumption. It is similar to the Volluto blend from Nespresso®.




DISCRET, yes, but...a dense aroma, charged with flavour and emotions is the best way to describe the DISCRET blend. It creates a delicate balance between the boldness of a strong coffee and the smoothness of cream. The DISCRET is blended from Peruvian grains.



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Échelle de saveurs - DISCRET®

The expert word:

Le DISCRET is our decaffeinated espresso option, having flavors and qualities that are comparable to the ARPEGGIO espresso blend from Nespresso. A pleasant roundness and a characteristic acidity perfectly describe le DISCRET.




This coffee’s unique taste stems from a global movement, encouraging mankind to respect its environment by producing the most organic, untouched and pure coffee available. Hand in Hand, MANO MANO was created as a special blend of coffee, resulting from talented craftsmen working closely with populations in Bolivia to produce it.



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Échelle de saveurs - MANO MANO®

The expert word:

The MANO MANO is the fruitiest espresso within the Café Liegeois range of coffee products. It can be enjoyed at any moment of the day and its flavour parallels that of the Livanto blend by Nespresso®.




Coming This Year - 2016!



As of January 2016, Cafe Liegeois will be carrying a new range of flavours for customers looking for an extra special variety (including chocolate-hazelnut, vanilla caramel, etc).

Our products will also be available in the form of soft capsules called, “pads.” These pads can be adapted to machines using conventional capsules to achieve a coffee topped with a nice velvety foam texture layer.

Dosette biodégradable - Café Liégeois

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