Café Liégeois organises a food bank for Moisson Montréal

Being aware of the concerns with global nutrition, Café Liégeois Canada is committed to collecting food items and returning them to Moisson Montréal.

Moisson Montréal is a charity organisation that gathers food items and essential products. Once collected, these products are distributed to community organizations throughout the island of Montréal free of charge. In a few numbers, Moisson Montréal is over 650 000 requests for help filled, with more than 136 000 people aided every month. This initiative is part of our approach of implication and compensation in the community of Montréal.

That’s why, this past May 15th and 16th we held our first food bank at the Halte 24-7. Through this co-working space, we reunited close to 150 members and collected many food products. Canned food, cereal, pasta and many other items we’re given. During this occasion, Café Liégeois Canada offered many bags of 250 grams for a total of 6 kg of coffee.

We would like to thank Moisson Montréal and the Halte 24-7 for giving life to our project, as well as providing the necessary materials. We’re excited to repeat this initiative in our new working space with Natalie Voland and the members of this location.


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