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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
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Lelit - Coffee Leveler PLA482
Lelit - Coffee Leveler PLA482
Sale priceFrom $89.99 CAD Regular price$95.00 CAD
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Calibrated TamperCalibrated Tamper
Calibrated Tamper
Sale price$89.99 CAD
Level calibrated TamperLevel calibrated Tamper
Level calibrated Tamper
Sale price$159.99 CAD
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Sale price$295.00 CAD
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Lelit - Tamper With Red Wood Handle (57mm and 58mm)
Lelit - Tamper With Red Wood Handle (57mm and 58mm)
Sale priceFrom $59.99 CAD Regular price$65.00 CAD
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Espro - Calibrated tamperEspro - Calibrated tamper
Espro - Calibrated tamper
Sale price$139.99 CAD
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Rocket - Pressino Tamper 58mmRocket - Pressino Tamper 58mm
Rocket - Pressino Tamper 58mm
Sale price$84.95 CAD
Needle distribution toolNeedle distribution tool
Needle distribution tool
Sale price$74.99 CAD
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Light wood coffee tamper 58MMLight wood coffee tamper 58MM
Light wood coffee tamper 58MM
Sale price$35.99 CAD Regular price$49.99 CAD
Lelit - Tamper Bicolor Wood Handle (58mm)
Duomo - Base
Duomo - Base
Sale price$59.95 CAD
Automatic Coffee Tamper SlingshotAutomatic Coffee Tamper Slingshot
Automatic Coffee Tamper Slingshot
Sale price$1,495.00 CAD
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The Force TamperThe Force Tamper
The Force Tamper
Sale price$280.00 CAD Regular price$299.00 CAD
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Coffee Leveler 58mmCoffee Leveler 58mm
Coffee Leveler 58mm
Sale price$59.99 CAD Regular price$65.00 CAD
Lelit - Tamper With Black Wood (58mm)
Rocket - Tamper / Leveler (58mm)Rocket - Tamper / Leveler (58mm)
Rocket - Tamper / Leveler (58mm)
Sale price$115.00 CAD
PUQ PRESS - Q1 ( GEN 5 )PUQ PRESS - Q1 ( GEN 5 )
PUQ PRESS - Q1 ( GEN 5 )
Sale price$1,196.80 CAD
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Cleaning Brush for portafilterCleaning Brush for portafilter
Cleaning Brush for portafilter
Sale price$19.99 CAD
Normcore - Spring Loaded Tamper V4Normcore - Spring Loaded Tamper V4
Normcore - Spring Loaded Tamper V4
Sale price$75.00 CAD
Normcore - Palm Tamper (Built-in Spring)Normcore - Palm Tamper (Built-in Spring)

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