8 good reasons to drink coffee everyday

According to a study done by CBC, the average Canadian drinks about 152 liters of coffee per year. At Café Liégeois, we wanted to know why this drink generated such an interest. Aside its exceptional taste, we found 8 good reasons to consume coffee on a daily basis.

Get your cup and enjoy!


  1. Coffee allows your brain to stay healthy longer

At the University of Florida, researchers noticed that seniors (65 years old+) who consume caffeine daily contracted degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s on average 3 years later than people who didn’t consume coffee. Caffeine is a source of stimulation for the brain that influences not only memory but also the conservation of nervous connections.

  1. Coffee as a source of antioxidants

If fruits and vegetables were rich in this matter, coffee would be the most generous source of defense for our organism.

  1. An effective barrier to Parkinson’s

According to Ronald Postuma, in charge of a study that aims to find remedies to the Parkinson’s disease, the consumption of coffee allows patients to control their movements.

  1. Drinking coffee enhances sport performances

Thanks to the production of fatty acids in our blood, caffeine improves sport performances, notably in endurance sports such as swimming, cycling or running. Indeed, fatty acids allow muscles to assimilate and eliminate fats quicker and convert them into energy. Ready to surpass your limits?

  1. Coffee is a good remedy for our liver

According to Arthur L Klatsy, director of a study on the development of liver cirrhosis, consuming coffee would have a protective effect against the alcoholic cirrhosis. Even though the risks of alcohol are high, drinking coffee would at least contribute to preserving your liver from excess.

  1. An excellent anti-depressant

Seemingly, thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, coffee is a natural anti-depressant. In fact, a daily consumption helps with the production of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine or noradrenaline, giving a positive effect to your mental and moral energy.

  1. Caffeine as a barrier to type 2 diabetes

In correlation with accelerated absorption of fats, as well as its high concentration of antioxidants, the risks of developing type 2 diabetes are reduced by 50 % for daily consumers of coffee (study by the American Chemical Society).

  1. Coffee makes you smarter!

Thanks to its cognitive stimulation capability (reaction time, attention, vigilance, etc.) coffee makes you more efficient, therefore smarter. Associated to a better sleep, it can considerably enhance your capacity to work and think.

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