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At the end of October, Café Liégeois launched the first 100% bio-compost capsule compatible with Nespresso® systems in North America. But what exactly is compost? Café Liégeois is here to answer all your questions.


By definition, compost is the organic process of decomposing organic matter into soil or fertilizer. Compost is also used for decreasing gas emissions, producing biogas energy and creating fertilizer. There are 3 types of organisms that are in charge of this transformation: fungi, worms and bacteria. After the decomposition, the biodegradable waste becomes a natural black/brown compost which will be easily used in your garden as a natural fertilizer. Compost can be made in an open-air pile or in a compost bin.

So, what can we compost? By definition, all organic waste is compostable, ranging from green waste like grass, leaves and branches to certain food waste (including Café Liégeois’ bio-compostable capsule) and other organic wastes such as manure, straw or wood.

To keep it simple, compost is above all an eco-responsible habit that all citizens can adopt in their everyday lives. As of 2014 in Montreal, over 400 000 households have benefited from food waste collection. We are proud to be the first coffee company to offer a 100% bio-compostable capsule compatible with Nespresso® in North America. From the FairTrade Organic coffee to the compostable packaging itself, Café Liégeois is taking a real step forward in its sustainable development efforts. The Puissant, Discret and Subtil varieties are all certified OK Compost are available across Canada ( and in over a hundred retail locations in Quebec.

What about you? Are you ready to consume differently?

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