Enjoy your coffee like a pro

It’s well known, coffee forges its character thanks in particular to its 800 aromatic compounds. Thickness, bitterness, roundness, acidity, color, aroma, ... do you lose yourself among all these terms? Café Liégeois has prepared a simple and fast guide worthy of a specialist in oenology to become a good coffee professional !


1/ Observe the color of your coffee


the first step is visual! Color brings us many clues to the composition and quality of your coffee. The analysis of the crema, by the homogeneity and the texture, indicates the intensity of the roasting. The crema of our Puissant will be darker while our Subtil will be clearer. Coffee professionals are even able to identify the country of coffee origin, thanks to the color of this mousse: roasters know that some beans can’t be roasted to the extreme and this can influence the taste. The crema creamy and thick announces a taste richness in aroma.


2/ Feel the smell that emerges


After the color analysis step, the next is the sense of smell. Indeed, professionals have the ability to define the intensity and power of coffee, thanks to its smell. The oldfactory step continues by dissolving the crema by slightly turning the cup: the aromas will be released and they send us the typical attributes of the coffee as the fruity notes that you can find in our Chiapas and Kivu floral, notre Noisette Cocoa or Caramel Vanilla flavored.


3/ Finally, taste your coffee


We finally arrive at the final step of the coffee pro guide: tasting in the mouth! This one tells you the roasting of the coffee, its acidity, its bitterness and all the aromas which will make you define if this coffee is soft or strong coffee. But even more important, if this coffee suits you.


Because don’t forget: a good coffee is a coffee that you like !

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