The Petit Italien leaves it’s place to Pinokio!

This past April 7th was the inauguration of a new Italian restaurant, in one of the most vogue districts of Montreal. Café Liégeois was there for this wonderful event.

Pinokio restaurant - Opening event

Italian tradition & Belgium espresso coffee

Proposing a beautiful Italian cuisine, guaranteed by the « Ospitalità Italiana » certification, the establishment Le Petit Italien was re-baptized the Pinokio in a unique décor, with over 426 jars of tomato sauce on the brick wall, alongside the famous work of Zébulon Perron, a Montreal architect. A new food truck that will circulate in the streets of Montreal accompanies this transformation, in hoped of delighting whomever comes across it, whether it be in the street or at an event. In this food truck, you will have the chance to find Café Liégeois coffee (for your pleasure!).

During the evening, directed by the hands of a master, the owner of the Pinokio, Melvin Lecoq, we proposed our various products accompanied by our espresso coffee station. Pur Vodka was also present during this event, as well as the PF agency, private importer of Italian wines; to present their wine signed Pinokio.

It is with pride that we will assist the Pinokio team during certain events this summer, in order to propose our coffee and refreshing recipes by the side of the new food truck.

To learn more about Pinokio, do not hesitate to follow all updates on their Facebook page.

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