Café Liégeois by the sides of CQCD for Éric Oslon’s conference (Nordstrom)

After the annual general assembly of the Québéc retail council (CQCD) members, we will have the chance to assist and sponsor this June 2nd The conference of Éric Oslon, customer experience specialist, as well as innovation and retail business specialists for Nordstrom in the USA.

This event will be the first participation for Café Liégeois at the Grandes Conférences Internationales organized by CQCD.

Nordstrom conferences CQCD

Coffee (Café Liégeois) and client experience:

After nearly 16 years with Nordstrom, client experience isn’t a secret anymore for Éric Oslon. He will share it with over 100 guests at the Club St-James in a conference called « Nordstrom and his weapon for client experience».

With experience at Nordstrom, Éric Olson will explain to us the way in which Nordstrom, a retail business, seizes its customer experience questions to create a unique fingerprint that distinguishes itself from its competitors.

The question of loyalty stimulated through his clients will also be brought forth, as well as a long question and answer session, which will allow the guests to learn more about the success of Nordstrom.

The conference will also give the opportunity to the guests to rediscover or discover our variety of fresh espressos from Europe.

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