Networking + Golf = A successful cocktail!

This past June 8th the 53rd edition of the Classique Estivale organized by APCM took place and was presented by OUTFRONT Média. The event was held at Golf des Îles Golf club in Boucherville where beautiful green fields fill the landscape. Café Liégeois, proud sponsor, was very happy to be able to take advantage of this wonderful day with professionals within the field of communications and marketing.

APCM guests

An exciting program

As part of this new summer classic, a golf tournament and a lawn bowling tournament were organized. Despite the rainy weather, all the guests had a lot of fun participating, while also enjoying good music and sangria! The rules of the game were explained before the launch of the competition. The Café Liégeois team: « Espresso », happily played and really appreciated discovering this new sport! It was nice to see everyone so entertained, especially while using the measuring tape!

Camille Dodd & Stevan Brodin

Jean-Nicholas Papillon and his two teammates easily won the lawn bowling tournament and had the chance to win a bottle of Pur Vodka, a bottle of Romeo Gin and an umbrella which turned out to be quite useful that day!

Team Pétanque Café Liégeois

Special Drinks

To start the summer season off on the right foot, Café Liégeois proposed to the guests not only traditional espresso, but also espresso subsidized with Kahluà, a coffee-based liqueur form Mexico. This delicious sweetened beverage knew how to warm up people during the cold temperatures, but also put a smile on the face of most participants.

We hope to meet you at one of our upcoming events in order for you to taste our delicious caffeinated cocktails!

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