The Cuban coffee: The intensity of an espresso

After allowing you to discover the Kivu, a region in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we’re bringing you to Cuba today, a well-known destination for its sun, beaches and coffee. Summer is right around the corner and we’re offering you something to dream about by allowing you to discover this beautiful country, where the music never stops.

Cuban coffee represents a great source of pride for its people. The Café Cubano is highly respected among the baristas of the country. It’s during the 18th century that the culture of coffee began taking place in the mountainous region of Pinard el Rio and Serra Maestra, to eventually become one of the most exported products of the country.

Either it be in the morning, afternoon or at night, any moment is a good one to have a coffee in Cuba. More than just a hot beverage, coffee is a unifying element, which allows people to become closer and socialize anywhere, especially in cafés. We drink it with our family, between friends or even upon first meeting someone.

Looking for Cuban coffee

Sugared coffee or « café con leche »

Given the intensity of the Cuban coffee, it is served in little cups in an espresso format. Also called cafecito, its secret resides in adding sugar during the infusion. This coffee is well recognized thanks to its sugary aspect in which a spoon of sugar is found for every small cup of coffee. It is also possible to ask for a « café con leche » by adding warm or foamy milk to the strong coffee,  letting aside the sugar this time.

Indulge and dare to go towards the unknown during your next vacation under the sun. You could find yourself drinking a good cup of Cuban coffee in good company, by letting yourself go to the rhythm of the salsa!

Who knows, we might add the Cuban coffee to our products in the near future!

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