A coffee without caffeine? The journey of your Decaf

The discret (decaf) of Café Liégeois is a decaffeinated coffee from Peru that reveals a dense aroma, charged with flavour and emotion. It offers a delicate balance between the audacity of a full-bodied coffee and the sweetness of a cream.

This decaf was designed for amateurs that wish to savour the taste and aroma of coffee without the caffeine. It is important to know that a decaffeinated coffee doesn’t mean a complete absence of caffeine. It contains quantities variable, inferior or equal to 0,1%.

At Café Liégeois, we use a 100% natural process that intervenes directly with green coffee. It’s a unique method that consists of using water and carbon dioxide while conserving the nature of the grain. With this process, we obtain the same aromas and good taste of a coffee despite the extraction of caffeine.

Coffee Without Caffeine - Journey of your Decaf

The decaffeination procedure at Café Liégeois

The process is very simple. We must leave the green coffee in water and allow carbon dioxide to circulate under high pressure, which naturally dissolves the caffeine. The coffee is then dried by evaporation before being packaged.

 Other roasters use methylene chloride and ethyl acetate to decaffeinate their grains. This procedure is used to decaffeinate 65% of coffee in the world. Even though this process is very quick, it also means the use of chemicals that are harmful for the environment. Café Liégeois is therefore far away from using such a procedure!

The benefits of a decaf:

Decaffeinated coffee has multiple advantages, starting with the presence of chlorogenic acid. This is an excellent antioxidant that increases the basal metabolism. This allows your body to mobilize fats, regulate the insulin secretion, as well as cut your appetite.

Briefly, this drink is ideal for diabetics, as it also makes it possible to prevent the absorption of sugars. Ready for a decaf?

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