Coffee beans are grown all around the world with thousands of plantations in several countries. It does not come as a surprise that its preparation and consumption traditions are just as unique as the countries that they are grown in. Here is a short list of some coffee traditions across the globe:

Ethiopia: Anchored by old traditions, this coffee (or Buna) must be prepared three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening. The preparation of the coffee, which takes two hours, begins with grilling the beige beans in a closed bowl called jembena over a fire. After grinding the beans by hand and brewing them in a coffeemaker, the Buna is served with some salt and butter.

Italy: Italians are known for their ristretto espresso, a coffee served in a small cup that is strong and very concentrated. The traditionalists will drink it without sugar or milk.

Mexico: The Mexican coffee « Olla » suits all those who like a little taste of cinnamon and panela (cane sugar) infused in their drink.

Morocco: This Arabic spiced coffee is a traditional hot drink that is slowly enjoyed with oriental cakes. Its peculiarity is the mixture of sesame seeds, black pepper, and nutmeg that gives depth to its aromas.

Cuba: The Cuban coffee served in a small cup must be consumed hot, black and strong, obviously with no milk or sugar.

Greece: As we highlighted in a recent blog post, it is the Greek iced coffee, a cool drink made with milk, sugar, water and instant coffee that is to thank for starting this widely successful trend.

France: The “café au lait”, or coffee with milk is a French speciality consumed often at breakfast.

Ireland: Though this drink is not a pure coffee, but rather a mixture of coffee and whisky, the Irish coffee remains the most consumed coffee by the Irish.


Saudi Arabia: This country makes up some of the biggest coffee consumers in the world, and this Arabic, black, sweet and flavoured coffee is a well-known custom of their culture.

Kahvesi, a sweetened coffee from Turkey, is traditionally served at the end of meal in a white copper or iron pan. As stated in some proverbs, the coffee is “black, strong yet soft”. 

We end with the rite of coffee tasting in Vietnam: the Vietnamese coffee is prepared using an old metal filter and is consumed from morning to night. The « cà phê sữa đá » coffee is prepared frozen with condensed milk, the « cà phê đen » is the black coffee and finally the « cà phê nóng », the hot coffee.

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