Caffeine alliance with Factry (Science of Creativity School)

In November and December took place the first formations delivered by the Creativity School, La Factry. Creativity says coffee! There was no one better than Café Liégeois to maintain humour, creativity and joy of life at its highest for the guests. After the project launch a few months ago during the 2016 edition of C2MTL, we wanted to return on the foundation and actors of the Factry, our new partners and clients.

Une nouvelle école des sciences de la créativité - Factry

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Collaborative project and leadership objective:

The major goal of Factry is to forge the minds to find creative solutions to contemporary challenges. Imagined by Philippe Meunier a few years ago, the idea took form with the participation of Marie Amiot, president and chief-executive officer, and Hélène Godin, head of creation. Numerous collaborations allowed the implementation of the project, such as the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C) and Collège Sainte-Anne. In the past year and a half, many associations and professional orders have also joined the project.

For students and professionals

Factry wishes to offer a trans disciplinary and innovative approach on an international-level campus allowing interaction between different worlds (transnational, different business world, etc.) For that, they offer continuing education programs for professionals. It’s here that Café Liégeois intervenes with a leading coffee service throughout the training days. Between the coffee odours, the courses take form through creative formation workshops, aiming to resolve collective or business issues.


The third and final formation of the first work cycle will take place during the beginning of the next school semester in January. Once again, Café Liégeois will be present as a proud partner and service provider.

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