Declaration of love for the "globetrotter coffee addicts"

When we find ourselves abroad, in an unknown country, our first reflex is to find the best coffee in town! It occurred during our last stay in New York, and the same will occur early March in Chicago. Some kind of professional deformation, allowing us to test new flavors and start our day in the best of ways.

It is clear that we are not the only one’s! Author and reporter Jean-Michel Dufaux had the same reflection. He even wrote a superb book concerning this thematic entitled "caféinophiles globe-trotteurs" plainly titled "Cafés".

Early in the book, Jean-Michel Dufaux states this: « I like coffee because it often has a direct link with the neighborhood and the city it’s in. A café is a place of meeting, sharing and work. It is a place of tradition. It is a way of preparing and serving a coffee authentic to its culture. It is a democratic place, as a coffee is often affordable. » This is what we love! The travel and transport of our senses, in all the corners of the planet.

Over 20 countries and 40 cities are the subject of the caffeinated world tour done by a photographer. It’s an ode to tradition, travel and a passion for coffee. Midway through a coffee photo album and a touristic guide, this book is addressed to quality product enthusiasts, as well as people who love travelling.

Cafés - Jean Michel Dufaux

The work "Cafés", published by Éditions Cardinal, is currently available in bookstores. Jean-Michel Dufaux is furthermore currently developing his travelling website Siège Hublot (

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