Bio-compost Capsules

Compostable waste is a definite solution for the future of our planet, and for the future of individual coffee pods. In October 2017, we launched a brand new collection of 100% bio-compost capsules compatible with Nespresso® machines. Made entirely of bio-based elements, the bio-compost capsules can be disposed in your home compost or municipal compost. 

Coming soon - 100% compostable

Biodegradables Pods

The complete range of ESE pods are composed of a biodegradable packaging similar to the paper coffee filter principle. With no ground coffee waste, you’ll obtain the exact dose of coffee necessary to create an espresso and the perfect coffee.

Pods ESE - Solution 100% compostable

100% Recyclable Packaging

Throughout our progress, we consistently take a moment to consider the environmental impact of the tools and materials that make up our packaging. At the beginning of 2017, we managed to reduce the packaging of our Nespresso® compatible capsules by three. This considerable effort was made possible thanks to the launch of our new 100% hermetic capsules, which permits the removal of the protective pouch packaging.

Recyclable packaging - Café Liégeois