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The twin station 1.5G Extractor CBS-1152-V+ Series Coffee Brewer is a perfect hot beverage solution in medium- to large-sized venues such as Banquet Halls, Cafeterias and Restaurants. Designed specifically for high-volume batch brewing, these high-quality brewers possess many of the legendary features and reliable performance you’ve come to expect from Extractor® branded products at a competitive price.

A simple user touchpad connects you with the flexible controls of the Extractor® V+ brewing system. The touchpad layout features an active information screen displaying the important phases of the brew cycle to keep your coffee service operating efficiently. Each full, half and small-batch button has a built-in LED light to visually communicate which batch is brewing during the brew cycle.

CASCADING SPRAY DOME (CSD) - Water flows over the outer surface instead of through tiny drain holes (competitor models) that can easily become clogged with minerals and scale over a short period of time. Because of its revolutionary design, the CSD completely eliminates spray head lime buildup - a leading reason for service calls. Fewer service calls means lower operating costs and more time producing revenue.

Convenient user functions such as button-to-button and brewer-to-brewer batch copy make set-up easy across multiple machines. Programmed parameters can also be saved on USB for quick downloading onto machines in multiple locations.

If you are using multiple brewing platforms, the V+ shares many common parts with the XTS systems to keep parts inventory and storage costs at a minimum.

The CBS-1152-V+ is compatible with the L4S-15 1.5G LUXUS thermal server, L4D-15 1.5G LUXUS thermal dispenser and TPD-15 1.5G portable thermal dispenser.



Height: 37 in / 94 cm
Width: 21.75 in / 55.2 cm
Depth: 22.75 in / 57.8 cm
Shipping Weight: 97 lbs / 45 kg


Tank Capacity: 11.5 G / 43.5 L
8 oz / 236 ml cup/hr: 614
12 oz / 355 ml cup/hr: 410
16 oz / 473 ml cup/hr: 307
20 oz / 591 ml cup/hr: 246

Standard Electrical Configurations

Electrical Connection: Terminal Block
Volts: 200-240; 240- 415; 230 [CE]
Amps: 11.8-42.5
Phase: Single, Three or Selectable

*Please see international spec sheet for additional configurations

Water Specifications

Water Inlet Size: 3/8” (Male Flare)
Minimum Flow Rate: 1.5 gpm
Water Pressure Requirement: 20-75 psig

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