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FETCO® Maritime Series equipment is specially designed for maritime use. IP44 certified compliant coffee brewing equipment is perfect for front-of-house or back-of-house applications on cruise ships. The twin 1.5 gallon IP44 CBS-52H-15 coffee brewer comes with three phase electrical configuration, stepdown transformer, maritime package, 304 stainless steel, half batch function and brew basket clips.

Brewer shown with 1.5 gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser (L3D-15). The 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser (TPD-15) and 1.5 gallon LUXUS® Thermal Server (L3S-15) are also available and sold separately.

Brewers can be used with:
TPD-15, L3D-15, L3S-15



IP44 Marine Certified

Patented, watertight design is ideal for use on cruise ships.

Safe and Versatile

Brew basket clips keeps filter in place for ease of brewing. Brews into a variety of servers for convenient dispensing.

3 Gallons at a Time

Brews up to three gallons per batch.



Height (in.) 35 3/4"
Width (in.) 21"
Depth (in.) 19 1/2"
Weight (lbs.) 97
Volume (L) 2 X 5.7
Volume (g) 2 X 1.5 gallons
Output (gph) 10.5-22.5
(8oz.) cups/hour ≈475
(12oz.) cups/hour ≈317
(16oz.) cups/hour ≈238
(20oz.) cups/hour ≈190
Electrical Configuration Terminal Block
Volts 220-240; 480
Amps 11.6-23.5
Phase 1, 3
Cascading Spray Dome No
Extractor Technology No
Pulse Brew No
Brew Basket Locks Yes
Hot Water Spigot Yes
Programmable Brew Volume Yes
Programmable Brew Time Yes
Programmable Brew Temperature Yes
Programmable Pre-wet Percentage No
Programmable Drip Delay No
Programmable Low Temp No

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