Manual Espresso Machine Maintenance

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Our Manual Espresso Machine Maintenance service is tailored to keep your prized manual espresso machine operating at its finest, ensuring the ultimate espresso brewing experience. Our skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive maintenance process, leaving your machine in top-notch condition and ready to produce rich, aromatic shots of espresso.

  1. Backwashing the Group: To maintain optimal performance and prevent coffee residue buildup, our technicians will backwash the group head. This process thoroughly cleans the dispersion screen and removes any coffee oils or impurities that may affect the taste and quality of your espresso.

  2. Deep Cleaning of the Portafilter and Baskets: The portafilter and filter baskets are crucial components in delivering consistent espresso extractions. Our technicians will perform a meticulous deep cleaning, removing coffee residues, oils, and any debris, ensuring precise and consistent shots every time.

  3. Group Gasket Replacement: Over time, the group gasket can wear out, leading to leaks and decreased brewing pressure. As part of our maintenance service, our technicians will expertly replace the group gasket with a high-quality, compatible one, restoring a perfect seal and optimal brewing conditions.

  4. Lever Greasing: The smooth operation of the lever is vital for your manual espresso machine's performance. Our technicians will carefully grease the lever mechanism, ensuring a seamless and effortless lever action during espresso extraction.

  5. Osmosis Filter Installation: As an added bonus, we offer the installation of an osmosis filter in your espresso machine's water system. The osmosis filter effectively reduces impurities, such as chlorine and other contaminants, ensuring that your espresso machine is supplied with clean, purified water for the best-tasting espresso possible.

Our Manual Espresso Machine Maintenance service is designed to preserve the artistry of manual espresso brewing while enhancing the longevity and performance of your machine. Trust our skilled technicians to provide exceptional care and maintenance, so you can continue to enjoy the pure pleasure of handcrafted espressos at their finest.

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