Rocket - Knock Box

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Built with durability in mind, Rocket’s knock box is made in Italy from stainless steel. It can hold around a dozen pucks.


The name “knock box” is self-explanatory—you knock the portafilter against it to dislodge coffee pucks. Large knock boxes are indispensable at any large coffee shop, but smaller versions are also handy for smaller businesses that do not specialize in coffee and even for home espresso stations.

This Rocket model is solidly built from stainless steel and tough rubber. Given Rocket’s reputation for durability and attention to detail, we have no doubt that this knock box will last you years. Its small dimensions (10 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm) make this a practical accessory that takes up little space on your counter or at your coffee station.


Lightly tap your portafilter against the rubber bar, with the open side facing down. The coffee puck should fall out instantly.

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